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Purpose built day nursery in a beautiful location

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Rock Cottage Day Nursery About Us

Purpose built in a beautiful location

Set in over four acres of idyllic countryside, Rock Cottage Day Nursery is a purpose-built facility, providing exceptional standards of nursery-level childcare from 3 months to 5 years, where emotional, educational and physical development goes hand in hand.

We have been open since June 1991. We have been registered with Staffordshire Ofsted ever since and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

Education, creativity and imagination are the three tools we use in child development – and it is a rounded development that, we believe, is key to independence, potential and, most importantly, happiness; we aim to have these three elements instilled into all our children as we prepare them for school.

Rock Cottage Day Nursery About Us

Expert Staff

Mrs. Tracy Haseldine is manager of the nursery; leading a team of highly qualified, caring and enthusiastic staff – including Early Years Degree Graduates and Senior Nursery Nurses of levels 3 & 4.

All staff are highly driven and keen to maintain a homely, engaging environment for all children to flourish. By combining an excellent educational basis with a flair for creative fun and constant loving care, we prioritize every child’s individual needs, whilst advancing collective development and potential.

We actively encourage parental involvement. Regular parents’ evenings are held to review a child’s wellbeing and progression. Staff are always available for informal chats too.

Nursery Structure

The nursery is made up of five stages – each introduces a new area of focus and sense of independence.

The first stage is ‘Baby Blossoms’, caring for our babies, aged 3 – 18 months, as they adapt to time away from parents and home. Our ‘Little Acorns’, aged from 18 months – 2 years old, are guided in beginning to gain an understanding of the world around them. Potty training and name recognition is of importance in ‘Conkers’, aged 2 – 3 years. Pre-school is split between Little and Big Oaks; both Oaks prepare our 3 – 4 year olds for school, gently introducing educational concepts, alongside friendly play time.

Indoor and Outdoor Play

Free play is encouraged, ensuring that all aspects of play time is experienced on a daily basis, both indoors and outdoors. Each room is equipped with a spacious play area, and a ‘cozy corner’ for reading or quiet time.

All age groups have a dedicated, outdoor play space with a variety of age- specific play apparatus and toys. Our under 3’s will also have the benefit of play sessions in our new sensory room very soon!

Our very own large woodland area secure within the grounds gives lots of opportunity for winter walks in snow, and summer picnics in sunshine.

Home Cooking

Our onsite chef prepares a well-balanced lunch for all children, every day. Given that discussions have take place with our staff, we are happy to create individual meal plans for children with special dietary requirements. Midmorning and afternoon snacks are also provided – usually sandwiches and fruit.


The safety of our children is paramount. Security is unobtrusive, yet thorough; entrance doors being locked at all times and no child being allowed to leave the premises with anyone other than a parent, unless agreed otherwise.