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Babies, Toodlers & Pre School

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Baby Blossoms

Baby Blossoms

3 months -18 months

Babies are supported in crawling and pulling themselves up to stand. They are soon assisted in taking their first steps towards learning to walk.

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Baby Blossoms

Little Acorns

18 months – 2 years

Having passed the baby phase, elements of independence are introduced at this stage. A wider range of play equipment and creative opportunities are on hand to further stimulate this age group. Emotional and expressive development is supported as children are beginning to gain an understanding of the world around them.

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Toddler Conkers

2 – 3 Years

During this phase, emphasis is placed upon a specific type of independence; this is potty training – a crucial process in child development. Bigger and more sophisticated play equipment is also employed to stimulate growing abilities.

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Baby Blossoms
Baby Blossoms

Little Oaks

Pre School 3 years

No more than 9 children are in Little Oaks at any one time. Children spend time in this room during 9am-3pm – outside of these times the children join Big Oaks; offering a steady adjustment to the larger Pre-school room.

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Baby Blossoms

Big Oaks

Pre-School 3-4 years

Our focus at this stage is to prepare and prime the children for when they start school. We intend to broaden the child’s outlook towards formal education. However, staff are careful not to strain a child’s ability and consequently damage confidence. Therefore, we gently introduce concepts, such as early mathematics, at a steady pace to ensure a general level of comprehension.

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