Big Oaks

Pre-School 3-4 years

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Our focus at this stage is to prepare and prime the children for when they start school. We intend to broaden the child’s outlook towards formal education. However, staff are careful not to strain a child’s ability and consequently damage confidence. Therefore, we gently introduce concepts, such as early mathematics, at a steady pace to ensure a general level of comprehension.

Rock Cottage Day Nursery Pre-School - Big Oaks 3-4 years

We work closely with the three local schools we feed into to develop literacy and reading skills, using a concept, known as ‘Jolly Phonics’. It teaches the children about letter sounds, associating certain actions with each sound.

The Library bus visits the nursery fortnightly, giving children opportunity to choose, borrow and share their new book.

As well as coming to play with their friends, children now have access to the large outdoor play area, with a leading range of equipment and toys. We try to take the children outside as often as possible, to develop their gross motor skills by running/climbing/etc.

Rock Cottage Day Nursery Pre-School - Big Oaks 3-4 years

Trips are also arranged that relate to the chosen monthly topic. Although outings are fun and exciting for the children, at this age it is beneficial for them to experience something unfamiliar and different from their every day routine too.

More elements of independence are promoted – mainly in toileting and washing our own faces/hands.

As we aim to provide a head start for school, liaisons are made with a child’s new school to guarantee the transition is as smooth as can be.

(Dance and keep-fit classes are included within the fees for all children over 2 years old)

Daily Routine
7.30-8.00am Arrivals and play time
8.00-8.30am Breakfast Time
8.30-9.30am Room division, free choice play time
9.30-10.00am Fruit snack time and singing
10.00-11.45am Indoor/outdoor play time (weather dependent)
11.45-12.00pm Lunch Time Preparation
12.00-12.30pm Lunch Time
12.30-1.00pm Daily group activity – jolly phonics, number recognition, circle time, show and tell
1.00-2.00pm Free choice play time
2.00-3.00pm Indoor/Outdoor Play Time
3.00-3.30pm Afternoon Snack Time
3.30-4.30pm Free choice play time
4.30-5.00pm Story Time
5.00-6.00pm Play until home time