Little Oaks

Pre School 3 years

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No more than 9 children are in Little Oaks at any one time. Children spend time in this room during 9am-3pm – outside of these times the children join Big Oaks; offering a steady adjustment to the larger Pre-school room.

Rock Cottage Day Nursery Pre-School - Little Oaks 3 years

The introduction of pencil control, computer play and adult led activities promote further learning, based around free choice and creative abilities.

Once a week the children have opportunity to take part in a physical activity from outside agencies, such as Yoga Bugs or Fundacats. We also have a qualified dance teacher, among our staff, giving dance classes to help the children in developing good balance and a sense of their own bodies.

Expansive, monthly topics are determined for both Little and Big Oaks, and activities for both rooms are usually similar. The topic gives a focus for various educational and creative activities to stem from.

Rock Cottage Day Nursery Pre-School - Little Oaks 3 years

Weekly ‘Show & Tell’ sessions are always enjoyable. Children are all asked to prepare a little speech about their chosen object.

Barnabus Bear’s weekly adventures is always a talking point. A child is selected every week to take Barnabus Bear home. When Barnabus Bear returns, we talk about what he has been up to whilst on his travels.

(Dance and keep-fit classes are included within the fees for all children over 2 years old)

Daily Routine
7.30-8.00am Arrivals and play time
8.00-8.30am Breakfast Time
8.30-9.30am Room division, free choice play time
9.30-10.00am Fruit snack time and singing
10.00-11.45am Indoor/outdoor play time (weather dependent)
11.45-12.00pm Lunch Time Preparation
12.00-12.30pm Lunch Time
12.30-1.00pm Daily group activity – jolly phonics, number recognition, circle time, show and tell
1.00-2.00pm Free choice play time
2.00-3.00pm Indoor/Outdoor Play Time
3.00-3.30pm Afternoon Snack Time
3.30-4.30pm Free choice play time
4.30-5.00pm Story Time
5.00-6.00pm Play until home time